King's College Hospital | Sickle Cell Anaemia

As part of my university course we were set a brief by King's College Hospital to create a visual way of informing children about sickle cell anaemia, what it is and how it affects them. Originally in the brief they asked for a model but I decided to go down an illustrative route as I belive you would be able to get more information across in a simple but visual manner.

I decided to pitch an animation that could become an app or be uploaded online. The reason I chose an animation is because it can be made easily accesible so that the child can be told about sickle cell anaemia in the comfort of their own home.

Below are a few of the many slides from my presentation showing what I had intended to do for King's College Hospital. These are only sketches so in the presentation I spoke about how the design could be easily adapted using various colours or different styles of illustration to suite their needs.

A week after the presentation I found out that I have been shortlisted and have been commissioned to create the animation. It's going to be a lot of work but it's a very interesting project so I'm looking forward to it!