King's College Hospital | Design Mockups

I have been in the process of designing an activity book, consultation cards and a website to accompany the animation.

The activity sheets can be either in the form of a booklet or as individual sheets, which may be more accessible. Activity sheets allow young children to learn about sickle cell anaemia in a fun and engaging way. Below are some mockups of the activity booklet, they are not the finished product.

Consultation cards will include illustrations showing information about sickle cell anaemia. These visuals can help young children and teens get a better understanding of what they are being told during a consultation. 

As shown below, the front of the card is a simple, diagrammatic illustration with the title. While the back gives a short definition.

A website will allow easy access for those who wish to learn about sickle cell anaemia. The animation will be on the main page. The website will also give parents and teachers the option to print out the consultation cards and activity sheets to be used at home or school.